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i live in movies. i sit with popcorn on my lap and see the world moving on fairy tale's mode.

dream a new dream

Rapunzel:I've been looking out of the window for eighteen years. Dreaming about what I'm gonna feel like when those lights fly in the sky. What if it's not everything I dream it would be?
Eugene:It will be.
Rapunzel:And what if it is. What do I do then?
Eugene:Well, that's the good part, I guess. You get to find a new dream.
2 years ago
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Love just doesn’t happen to girls like me. Girls who build their hopes on an complicated daydream. The truth is, everyone has issues, and maybe, building an image of a perfect man in my mind is my biggest issue of all. I’ve been walking around with the ghost of my magic man. He’s been haunting me. Keeping me from recognizing the world of opportunities that were lies in front of me. My anger to Liam had finally faded away. After all, he was just giving me what I wanted. Every love sick girl’s fantasy. An ideal version of what I imagine love should look like. But there’s no such thing as perfection. Love is for those who are realistic and smart enough to open their hearts and mind and realize that a real relationship, is the ultimate fantasy.
Beauty and the Briefcase
2 years ago
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wrong battle

Scott:I really fought for you.
Ramona:Maybe I'm not the one you should be fighting for.
2 years ago
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If you believe in love, you have to believe in fate.
Daydream Nation
2 years ago
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You’ve outgrown him. You’ve blossomed. You feng shuied your whole life… Just please, don’t let him talk you into saving him.
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Letting Go by Sozzy (Ost. Dawson’s Creek)

A break-up song indeed :P

2 years ago
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